Zaigar Finance (ZAIF)

What is Zaigar Finance?
Zaigar is a cryptocurrency reward marketing cryptocurrency company that has been in the market for more than 3 years and has more than 30,000 users worldwide, having already provided services to large companies in this new economy. Now they want to launch their own decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, Zaigar Finance (, implemented within the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

Zaigar Finance Dashboard

The main goal of the platform is to create a long-term structure, allowing the community to participate and contribute to the evolution of the project so that everyone can benefit. With the mentality away from current projects that have a deadline, Zaigar aims to be a long-term and lasting project to benefit its users.

Zaigar is backed by a simple, fast and secure platform that allows all members to trade cryptocurrencies in a very simple and transparent way through blockchain technology and smart contracts.

The Zaigar economy will be backed by two different tokens to boost its usage: the 100% deflationary ZAIF token, designed for its smart contract, and the ZAFIRA (ZFAI), used to reward the members of our platform.

ZFAI token

On the one hand, the Zafira token (ZFAI) will be the token used to reward community members who use their ZAIF tokens in farming and staking.

The supply is so limited, as the idea is that users will have to mine through our farms and groups to get new tokens.

ZAIF token

On the other hand, ZAIF Token is a token developed on the BEP20 standard that works within the Binance Smart Chain network, which allows access to all functionalities and uses cases. When ZAIF is transferred, a 5% tax rate is levied with each transaction.

Main platform features

  • Farming: Farms maximize annual percentage returns (APR) on which liquidity pool tokens (LP tokens) are staked to earn native token rewards (ZFAI). Zaigar Finance Farms has lower risks and guarantees stable APRs due to the strategies implemented.
  • Pools: Pools maximize annual percentage returns (APR) by betting native or non-native tokens (individual tokens) to earn rewards in the native token (ZFAI), without any impermanent loss.
  • Vaults: Vaults will allow you to use ZFAI or ZAIF to earn ZFAI or stabilized tokens such as BNB, BTC, ETH and also new emerging tokens from partners. This will help with the ZFAI shortage as more tokens will be locked into the protocol and allow the Zaigar community to discover new projects and earn it.
  • ZAI Options: Zai Options is a fun, lucrative and simple decentralized binary options game.


To conclude, we have seen a new interesting and promising project with different and novelty ideas than previous projects. The idea to create two different tokens for two different purposes inside the platform, could lead the project to jump and acquire more community attraction. As well, the new Options feature makes the project more attractive. Let’s see new steps!

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