Today we are gonna talk about a play-to-earn game. TokenTanks ( is a new skill-based play-to-earn game that has been built on the Ethereum network blockchain under the philosophy that players should own in-game assets and be rewarded for their participation.

What is TokenTanks?

Going into detail, TokenTanks ( has been created and designed with the old artillery game we all know and most of us will have played in childhood “Artillery” in mind. The idea is to give a familiar mechanic where players can set a firing trajectory to demolish enemy tanks.

The main goal of TokenTanks is to combine an immersive yet simple gameplay experience with blockchain technology through non-fungible tokens (NFT). TokenTanks will be available in a mobile version to be available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.


TokenTanks is a multiplayer tank battle game, so the general basis will be to own tanks to eliminate the enemy that you must defeat by throwing catapults at them. These tanks can be increased in strength and value through objects and attributes that we will talk about later.

The initial collection will consist of 10,000 unique tanks in first generation NFT format in a pre-sale event for exclusive community members and game partners. Each tank is equipped with two different weapon packs containing five specific attacks that will help gunners defeat their opponents.

How to play?

The idea is very simple and the steps to participate are just three.
1. Prepare the tank for battle deployment: collect tanks (NFT), which are armed with different attributes, and add weapons to boost performance and strategize different attack mechanics to defeat your opponents.
2. Participate in the battle: fight in a turn-based tactical artillery game in which you will have to use strategy to shoot and obtain as much damage as possible to win.
3. Grow your army: outmaneuver opponents to defeat them and earn $SHELL tokens. Rank up through combat and become part of the government-run by the TokenTanks community.

Token Tanks is a militarized digital universe where players build, arm, fight and trade tanks. So the main valuable in-game asset is tanks.
The game consists of a collection of 10,000 state-of-the-art digital military tanks built to fight and earn cryptocurrencies. Tanks are on-chain digital assets that players can collect, arm and fight. Tanks will be unique according to their traits that determine their look and attack mechanics. Tank flags determine the weapon packs equipped, such as more weapons, more attack power and more blast radius. Depending on your tank’s traits, you will have to design one strategy or another.

The tank battle system is a game in which you will have to fight in turns through artillery with the goal of scoring as many hit points against your opponent as possible. Each turn, a player must strategically select the cannon’s aiming angle, power and fire to maximize the score of damage inflicted on his opponent. At the end of 10 turns, the champion will be determined.

How to mint tanks?

If you have been in this world for a long time, it will be very easy for you.

  • First of all we have to go to the exclusive page where Token Tanks allows us to “Mint” tanks. You can access it here.
  • Once there we will have to connect our metamask wallet, Trustwallet or similar to be able to enter into the mint and proceed to the next step. Please note that you will have to sign a message that will appear on the platform where you have your wallet, agreeing to connect it to the page.
  • Once we have signed, we will be connected to the TokenTanks platform and we should see in the upper right corner our Ethereum wallet.
  • Then we can proceed to select the amount of Tanks we would like to mint. Keep in mind that each tank has a cost of 0.07ETH and that at most we can Mint 10 per account.
  • Once the quantity is selected, just click on the “Mint” button, confirm the transaction in your account and the tank should appear as a collectible in your wallet (NFT).
Example of Mint page.

How to equip your tanks?

Short for ammunition, before deploying your tank for battle you will need ammunition for your weapons. Before each battle, tankers will require 10 rounds of ammunition to access the battlefield and participate in combat, you will need AMMO to earn SHELL on the battlefield.

Token Tank Shells (SHELL) are a token based on the ERC-20 protocol. The idea is that SHELL holders will be able to claim rewards, build new tanks and participate in key government votes regarding the future direction of Token Tank. In the game, players will acquire SHELL through victories in combat: in addition, they can also be earned and recovered through shells successfully fired during battles!

The armory is the main base of operations, where tanks are stored, weapon packs are purchased, ammunition is reloaded and new tanks are built.
Each tank has a unique blue design that determines the track, side skirt, body, hatch, gun, muzzle and class of the tank. The tank flags determine the class of the vehicle which specifies the weapon packages equipped, the more you have, the more power your tank will have.

And you may ask… how do you build a tank? Well, using in-game resources based on $ SHELL and 2 tank blueprints. That’s why they are so necessary. The amount of SHELL depends on how many times the blueprints have been used. When building new tanks, players can select two weapon packs from the options available in the blueprints to arm their vehicles, this will ensure that the tanks are built with complementary weaponry that enhances battle performance.


Phase 1 — Q3 2021

  • Community build

Phase 2 — Q4 2021

  • TokenTank currency: $SHELL

Phase 3 —Q4 2021

  • Private sale
  • Launch of tank staking

Phase 4 — Q1 2022

  • Private beta launch
  • Layer 2 integration for immediate and out-of-gas transactions.

Phase 5 — Q2 2022

  • DAO with SHELL incumbents to institute the first decentralized military coalition, where active players participate in key governance votes to enrich Token Tank gameplay dynamics and add value to Tank ownership.


To conclude, in today’s chapter we have seen a new cryptocurrency play-to-earn game. As of today, a unique system with novel tanks with different features, which makes it a very attractive project.

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