What is TokenTanks?


How to play?

How to mint tanks?

  • First of all we have to go to the exclusive page where Token Tanks allows us to “Mint” tanks. You can access it here.
  • Once there we will have to connect our metamask wallet, Trustwallet or similar to be able to enter into the mint and proceed to the next step. Please note that you will have to sign a message that will appear on the platform where you have your wallet, agreeing to connect it to the page.
  • Once we have signed, we will be connected to the TokenTanks platform and we should see in the upper right corner our Ethereum wallet.
  • Then we can proceed to select the amount of Tanks we would like to mint. Keep in mind that each tank has a cost of 0.07ETH and that at most we can Mint 10 per account.
  • Once the quantity is selected, just click on the “Mint” button, confirm the transaction in your account and the tank should appear as a collectible in your wallet (NFT).
Example of Mint page.

How to equip your tanks?


  • Community build
  • TokenTank currency: $SHELL
  • Private sale
  • Launch of tank staking
  • Private beta launch
  • Layer 2 integration for immediate and out-of-gas transactions.
  • DAO with SHELL incumbents to institute the first decentralized military coalition, where active players participate in key governance votes to enrich Token Tank gameplay dynamics and add value to Tank ownership.


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Adria Parcerisas Albés

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