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The university is an environment for innovation, research into new technologies and the source of ideas. Today, leading institutions are more connected than ever before and have many external transfers of value. The education market is one of the fastest growing sectors, and new blockchain academies and universities are starting to be built to bring solutions to the world through this disruptive technology. A clear example of this is the Student Coin (, a prominent new project that aims to allow users to design, create and manage their personal, startup and defi tokens and connect to different educational members.

In more detail, Student Coin ( the first crypto platform that allows users to easily design, create and manage personal, startup, NFT and DeFi tokens. The platform is similar to a social media platform for tokens, where everyone could own and manage their own DeFi/NFT token similar to a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram profile. Unlike other blockchain-based projects, Student Coin is fully backed by academic faculties, with a professional business and education-oriented approach. The involvement of academy will lead to the creation of the open network. The main goal of the team is to make tokenization become mainstream, supporting education about blockchain and defi technology. Basically, the project aims to design its own exchange where people and companies will be able to create and manage their personal tokens, do crowdfunding and invest in startups.

Student Coin’s ecosystem for tokenization will be built by the following platforms:

  • STC terminal: a software to enable companies, organizations and individuals to easily create and manage their own STC-based tokens.
    the publicly available exchange with all tokens traded only at STC.

With the STC ecosystem everyone will be able to easily create any type of token and develop it. Student Coin will allow tokenizing individuals, companies and organizations, as well as, managing token utilities, crowdfunding and easily listing new projects. The main beneficial features are listed below:

  • STC is a reliable, fundamental, long-term, academic value-based project.

STC Tokenis the main token based on blockchain technology and its purpose is to work as a reference currency for capital flow across the ecosystem, driving the use of STC Terminal, STC Exchange trading and STC App applications.

Tokens built with Student Coin are valued based on the core reference currency, STC Token, and can be traded and crowdfunded on Student Coin’s platform, STC Exchange.

The project gives the opportunity to earn STC tokens performing some social media tasks and doing simple steps from the bounty program explained into the following Bitcointalk Thread here (BTT_Thread_StudentCoin), where you can access the link in order to see what are the conditions to become an early Student Coin contributor and start acquiring tokens. You can also purchased tokens in their official launchpad app ( and take part of the ICO phase.

For more information about the project, you can visit and read their WhitePaper available here (StudentCoin_WP). You can also stay tuned in their official Telegram Channel (STC_tg). I hope you liked the post and soon I’ll send you new ones.

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‼️If you are interested in invest on Student Coin, you can access here ( with an initial bonus until April 30th. So hurry up‼️

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