Financio: DeFi solutions for everyone

  • Crypto exchange
    Main platform:
    The Binance Smart Chain-based exchange is an automated market maker (AMM) that allows users to exchange two tokens immediately, quickly, and securely, as the user will only need to choose two tokens to be exchanged and click a button to finalize the transaction. Below is an example of the dashboard for this section:
  • Agricultural Yield and Stake
    Main website:
    Another way to earn money within FINANCE is by depositing and staking LP tokens in currency pairs and earning passive income. This is a simple way to earn up to 30 times reward with token pairs such as FIN/BUSD, BNB/BUSD, FIN/BNB. The idea is that the project rewards you for adding liquidity to its platform. With staking, the user will earn the FIN token as a reward passively with the possibility of harvesting at any time, and he can bet as many LPs as he wants and earn as many rewards as possible.
    Here is also an example of the dashboard, in this case, the staking:
  • Lotteries and more …
    Another interesting part of the platform is the lottery. Users can buy lottery tickets with their FIN tokens and win a big cryptographic jackpot when their numbers match the winning ticket.
  • August 2021 (Completed)
    - Project foundation
    - Creation of a team and hiring of developers.
    - Launch of WhitePaper v1.0
    - Launch of Roadmap v1.0
  • September 2021 (Completed)
    - Start of development of the first products
    - Creation of Financio Token (FIN) on Binance Smart Chain (see BSC)
    - Start of ICO sales and promotion
  • October 2021 (Completed)
    - Finalize ICO sale
    - Token distribution
    - Pancakeswap exchange listing
  • November 2021 (Completed)
    - CoinMarketCap Listing
    - Coingecko Listing
    - Launch of cryptocurrency exchange platform
    - Launching of Staking and Farming platform
  • December 2021 (ongoing)
    - Marketing and first partnerships
    - Hotbit exchange listing
    - Launch of crypto lotteries
    - Launch of Initial Farm Offerings (IFO)
    - Listing of top 10 CMC exchanges
  • January 2022 (Coming soon)
    - Future product development
    - Launch of Roadmap v2.0

Ph.D. ML and AI | Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Expert

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Adria Parcerisas Albés

Adria Parcerisas Albés

Ph.D. ML and AI | Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Expert

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