Euler Tools: a platform to explore and discover blockchain content

Blockchain technology is being the technological revolution 4.0 and this is thanks to the irruption of cryptocurrencies. With this, many new projects are emerging with improved features than those we had seen so far. Today, I want to introduce you to Euler Tools (, a platform created to explore and discover blockchain content based on a clean, usable, and responsive interface. The idea is to extract data directly from the blockchain and then combine it with different sources to provide useful and necessary tools and new relevant information.

What is Euler Tools?

Euler Tools ( is a platform that collects all data on a single platform to facilitate secure access to blockchain while allowing you to transparently view movements and verify information sources. Euler Tools offers an easy-to-use solution for dispersing information on blockchain for any company or entity willing to make the switch to this technology.

Thus, the main goal of Euler Tools is to provide a set of tools in a secure way to access the blockchain, view it with full transparency, verify each source of information and benefit from this technology that is already reshaping our world.

How does it work?

Euler Tools has created its own cluster of nodes for each of the networks within the blockchain. In each cluster, it has observers who are in charge of extracting data and processing it through cutting-edge technology such as ETL, Data Pipelines, and Machine Learning technologies to filter and clean the results and deliver only relevant events. In parallel, Euler Tools is also in charge of aggregating multiple data sources to provide external transaction information and eliminate possible distortion.


  • Lightning’s real-time pool and price data: Pairs across multiple exchanges and real-time updated price charts.
  • Lightning Token and project explorers: Verification of a token’s wallet distribution, exchanges, market cap, sentiment analysis, etc.
  • Lightning wallet and wallet system: Record all wallets and transactions in one place.
  • Real-time Lightning Notifications: Notifications on as many channels as you want through alert systems.


$EULER is the native token of Euler Tools. It is a utility token under the BEP-20 protocol of the Binance Smart Chain that allows access to the premium features of the Euler Tools tool.

Each $EULER transaction burns 1% of the amount, creating a stable rising price. Holders have additional benefits, including free access to premium features and a monthly share of subscription fees.

Token name: Euler Tools
Token symbol: $EULER
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Protocol: BEP 20
Total supply: 92,188,698 EULER

Main EULER use cases

  • Search, filter and compare tokens, volumes, contracts, exchanges and liquidity
  • Connecting wallets and assets in each wallet (current and past)
    Create alerts on prices, new tokens, pairs, forks, events and receive notifications
  • Explore blocks, pairs
  • Monitor fraudulent activity such as carpet pulling
  • Graph, draw and visualize the market
  • Tracking of any wallet and copy trading activity



Euler Tools is a new useful tool for any user that aims to give the community another step towards the breakthrough of blockchain technology globally. The token is available on the market since April, and seems stable and well adapted in the cryptocurrency market, which generates confidence for investors and already gives some prestige to the project. Undoubtedly it can be a great revolution in the sector and we are waiting for new movements and news of the product development.

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