CoPuppy: Innovative Doggo NFT Game Financial Platform

Introduction to CoPuppy

It is clear that one of the most important and most talked about not only in the cryptocurrency world but worldwide is the Metaverse. With the entry of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook deriving the name to Meta, the whole NFT sector is being revalued and has made an important turn.

The hype not only for the existing projects but also for those to come is being huge and there is no doubt that the reason is clear, we are facing one of the most revolutionary and useful things for the technological evolution of our world.

Today I come to present a project that does not fall short, CoPuppy (, a Metaverse project created under the Binance Smart Chain network and based on dogs that at first glance looks very attractive but inside it is also very attractive. The project includes NFT collectibles, games, finance, farming, among other features that we will talk about later, and that the final idea is the construction of a metaverse called Puppy World.

CoPuppy has a unique ecosystem and economic model, which combines current popular mining, NFT, GameFi, Metaverse and other popular concepts, and innovates on this basis.

The ultimate idea is for CoPuppy to derive into a decentralized Metaverse project with multiple different ecosystems and projects.

For more information about the project and to obtain a deeper introduction you can watch the following video.


The main token of CoPuppy is CP, which is born with the utility of an economic circulation mechanism within the CoPuppy metaverse, therefore, it will be used both as a smart contract and as a carrier of value.

Token name: CoPuppy
Token symbol: CP
Starting price: 1 CP = 0.05 USDT
Public chain: BinanceSmartChain
Protocol: BEP-20

Among many other functions, the main utilities of the $CP token will be:

  • As a payment method and CoPuppy value payment to reward users participating in CoPuppy.
  • Payment method for games and Puppy World

How does it work?

The game consists of different battles to be performed, where users can participate in terms of cards. There are different cards to be purchased:

Puppy Battle (2D collection)
One of the most interesting games is Puppy Battle, a collectible card game in which users can collect 2D game cards, block $CP tokens and earn income. These cards can be obtained through the purchase of $CP or the purchase of $CKEY.

CoPuppy 3D Collection

  • Genesis Card: Genesis Card is CoPuppy’s governing NFT and the centerpiece of Metaverse “Puppy World”. This contains ten unique images making them super valuable within the metaverse. Those who possess them will have power in the governance of CoPuppy, granting it voting rights, oversight, etc. The Genesis card is divided into four types: cyberpunk, knight, ninja and Viking warrior.
  • Sharing card: this card contains 5 rarities: N, R, S, SR, SSR. The N card can be obtained through the CoPuppy airdrop campaign, R, S, SR, SSR can be obtained through Surprise Mystery Box.
    Players who own the Share Card will automatically receive income through FARM-Equity NFT Farm-Share Card.

CoPuppy will work through battles. The Copuppy battle consists of 100 puppies of different shapes divided into 10 different dog categories as follows:
Shiba Inu, Husky, Pug, St. Bernard, Corgi, Alaskan, Teddy, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Bichon Frise.

Among all the dogs, there are more unique and less. As the name already makes it intuitive, Shiba Inu, Husky, Pug and St. Bernard are the four most influential gangs in “CoPuppy World”. Puppies can choose their favorite gangs and join them to help the gangs get more rewards.

The first round of the dogfight will open the above four dog breeds, and 20% of the dog’s ticket proceeds will be distributed to Genesis Card holders.


Puppy World consists of seven different regions, each of which has different functions and characteristics, and even the “gangs” in each region have their own merits.


In conclusion, we have seen that CoPuppy is one of the games that can integrate very well into the NFT world and that has a metaverse in which several games can converge at the same time. Undoubtedly it can be a very revolutionary project with very clear ideas and with a very effective tokenomics that if carried out can be a revolution in the sector. Let’s hope it prospers and see us soon being rivals in the CoPuppy metaverse!

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Adria Parcerisas Albés

Adria Parcerisas Albés

Ph.D. ML and AI | Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Expert

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