BNB FINTECH: Disrupting the Crypto Payment Space

We are always talking about the importance and relevance of the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology. However, little is said about the way in which we should operate with them or what platforms are available and are the best to do so.

Today, I will introduce you to BNB Fintech (, an innovative financial technology company focused on cryptocurrencies that aims to become the future of cryptocurrency payments.

Going into details, BNB Fintech ( is a blockchain-based company that aims to grow the adoption of cryptocurrency payments through its native token BNB Cash, via face-to-face and point-of-sale cryptocurrency payments.

The BNB Fintech ecosystem is assembled in such a way that four main features of the platform constitute it and make it unique.

P2P crypto marketplace
BNB Fintech is equipped with a marketplace where people can buy, sell and exchange items every day through the use and payment of cryptocurrencies. The main token to be able to do this is BNB Cash (more tokens will be integrated in the future).

BNB Cash

The idea is to launch referral programs, bounty tasks, and reimbursement systems for those who use BNB Cash within the platform in order to give value and utility to the token.

Cryptographic wallet
The second feature of BNB Fintech is more novel, as instead of a fiat marketplace, we will have a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace that will allow selling, buying, and listing entirely within BNB Cash transactions.

In this way, BNB Cash Fintech will have its own wallet to consolidate all projects along with special points programs based on spending behavior, buying/selling experience, etc.

Debit cards
A third product is credit cards, which allow you to pay for daily coffee, gas, and other day-to-day and everyday expenses with BNB Cash.

BNB Cash debit cards will be integrated with each user’s wallet to make a more user-friendly platform. The idea is to get integration with companies like Simplex so that payments will be processed instantly through Visa, Mastercard, etc., and thus not have any gap between merchants and cryptocurrencies in terms of availability.

POS system
Finally, BNB Fintech will also integrate a point-of-sale (POS) program with the aim of boosting the flow of BNB Cash transactions. With this feature, BNB Fintech will go a step further and give a new payment solution has in an environment where both blockchain technology and digital currency technology can and will be used daily by everyone.

Thus, using this new POS system any merchant of any size can receive payments immediately from transactions.

BNB Fintech’s main token is BNB Cash, a utility token running on the BEP20 platform, to make payments quickly, low in transaction fees, and secure.

The token will be well-distributed among all participants as follows:

Q3 2021

  • Internal work process phase
  • Preparation for whitelist / pre-sales
  • Launch of whitelist / pre-sale
    Chart listing
  • PancakeSwap pre-launch preparation
  • Launch of PancakeSwap and distribution of tokens to pre-sale participants
  • Initiate P2P Marketplace application development phase

Q4 2021

  • Preparations for over-the-air launch arrangements
  • Final token distribution phase
  • Continue P2P Marketplace application development (Cash Central)
  • First major exchange listing
  • Start preparing for audit plans
  • Continue with other chart listings

Q1 2022

  • Launch P2P Marketplace application (Cash Central)
  • First airdrop
  • Begin POS application development
  • Initiate debit card development
  • Initiate audit
  • Continue with other chart listings

Q2 2022

  • Continue POS application development
  • Launch debit card
  • Continue with other chart listings
  • Other important interchange listings

Q3 2022

  • Second air launch
  • Continue development of POS applications
  • Continue with other chart listings

Q4 2022

  • Launch POS application
  • Continue with other chart listings
  • Consider other important exchange lists

To conclude, in today’s chapter we have seen a new cryptocurrency payment system. As of today, a unique system with novel features, which makes it a very attractive project. We have seen 4 basic features that complement the BNB Fintech ecosystem, and that give it a certain appeal for cryptocurrency lovers. Undoubtedly, it is an interesting project that, seeing where this sector is going, could generate a lot of interest and give good results.


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