BNB FINTECH: Disrupting the Crypto Payment Space

What is BNB Fintech?

Going into details, BNB Fintech ( is a blockchain-based company that aims to grow the adoption of cryptocurrency payments through its native token BNB Cash, via face-to-face and point-of-sale cryptocurrency payments.

How does it work?

The BNB Fintech ecosystem is assembled in such a way that four main features of the platform constitute it and make it unique.

BNB Cash


BNB Fintech’s main token is BNB Cash, a utility token running on the BEP20 platform, to make payments quickly, low in transaction fees, and secure.


Q3 2021

  • Preparation for whitelist / pre-sales
  • Launch of whitelist / pre-sale
    Chart listing
  • PancakeSwap pre-launch preparation
  • Launch of PancakeSwap and distribution of tokens to pre-sale participants
  • Initiate P2P Marketplace application development phase
  • Final token distribution phase
  • Continue P2P Marketplace application development (Cash Central)
  • First major exchange listing
  • Start preparing for audit plans
  • Continue with other chart listings
  • First airdrop
  • Begin POS application development
  • Initiate debit card development
  • Initiate audit
  • Continue with other chart listings
  • Launch debit card
  • Continue with other chart listings
  • Other important interchange listings
  • Continue development of POS applications
  • Continue with other chart listings
  • Continue with other chart listings
  • Consider other important exchange lists


To conclude, in today’s chapter we have seen a new cryptocurrency payment system. As of today, a unique system with novel features, which makes it a very attractive project. We have seen 4 basic features that complement the BNB Fintech ecosystem, and that give it a certain appeal for cryptocurrency lovers. Undoubtedly, it is an interesting project that, seeing where this sector is going, could generate a lot of interest and give good results.

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