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Ph.D. ML and AI | Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Expert

Cryptocurrencies are well known for their high volatility, it has good things but also bad things. Surely you have ever felt frustrated with cryptocurrencies or surely you have had times where psychology has been a very important factor in your life, either because of the roller coaster of gains and losses involved or because we are in its birth and there are many things that escape you.

For this reason I want to introduce you to PolkaParty (, a platform available to everyone that allows users to gain access to all of DeFi’s features. …

Blockchain technology has been a trending topic in recent months, as it brings many benefits, especially in the social-economic sphere. Thanks to the decentralization and security that this technology possesses, the blockchain is able to record transactions almost instantaneously. However, it seems that what is proving to be a very costly task is the fact of converting Bitcoin and other currencies, as there are no easy tools to do so. At the moment they are trying to create applications that replace the wallet and at the same time have a role of financial assistant for the management of users’ investors.

Terra is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies at the beginning of 2021. We recall that Terra was designed in order to create a blockchain focused on generating a stablecoin that can be used worldwide in e-commerce, to promote the digital payment of cryptocurrencies.

One of the most interesting parts of Terra is one (basically the most important) of its stablecoins called Terra UST, which together with the network’s native cryptocurrency called LUNA, form a very interesting and utilitarian pair that we will see below. …


Covid-19 has undoubtedly altered and is altering the whole evolution of the global life of all people. It has caused a significant decrease in the GDP and wealth of many families. However, it seems that there could be calm after such a storm. Let me introduce you to LandOrc (, an ecosystem based on blockchain technology that allows a fluid movement of capital and collateral between investors, real estate developers and property title owners.

What is LandOrc?

Going into more detail, LandOrc ( is the new blockchain-enabled ecosystem that enables the seamless movement of capital and collateral through smart contracts. With…

The evolution of the Gold Standard


With the new irruption of blockchain technology and payments through cryptocurrencies, it is clear that the economy has turned around and that blockchain technology and smart contracts have been quite a revolution. The idea now is to take advantage of this situation and this wealth to dedicate this economy and focus it on empowering customers and people to make it even more known and sustainable.

So far it has not been fully established and some people are skeptical both in this technology and in the way of interacting economically, especially due to the great…

Adrià Parcerisas powered by DataDrivenInvestor


The disabled population comprises about 12% of people worldwide. This means that it is a large portion of people, who are not talked about much and things are not done to improve their lives. For example, there is no specific online marketplace where you can buy or sell new and used products and services for people with disabilities, seniors and rehabilitation. All current marketplaces are very fragmented and it is impossible to find good products adapted to disabilities, let alone quality ones. Therefore, today I would like to introduce you to a new project called…

What is Feed The World Global?

Feed The World Global Foundation ( is a charitable organization that relies on blockchain technology and smart contracts to help nurture the affected population, and to develop their potential, from food banks to financial support for medical expenses.

The main idea is to establish collaborations with teachers and instructors to create projects to benefit the communities and allow each community to develop and execute projects internally to meet their needs and empower their people.


FTWG will be the utility token within Feed The World’s global ecosystem and will be a Binance Smart Chain based token. …


One of the latest trending topics within the world of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance is the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). As of today, this market seems fragmented and has numerous opportunities to take advantage of its potential both for applications inside and outside the blockchain, starting with the lack of control within news platforms such as Reddit or Telegram, so well known in this crypto world.

The idea for now is to try to develop new tools that provide solutions to this and to users in order to fully exploit the potential of DAOs. However, there are some bugs that…

Introduction to Green Climate World

Because of the way we function, the unhealthy amount of people we are and the fact that we do not take care of the environment, we are destined to produce much more carbon dioxide than our planet can absorb. This translates into a lack of oxygen on the part of our planet that is making it unsustainable. One of the ways to free our planet is to plant more trees, as this increases the oxygen levels in the atmosphere. At the same time, trees during their photosynthesis use carbon dioxide which helps to slow down the green garden effect.


An Introduction to Triall

Clinical trials involve increasing amounts of data and electronic systems. This situation leads to a lack of oversight and uncertainty about the integrity and authenticity of the data collected, leading to a profound reduction in the efficiency and reliability of the development of new health products, such as drugs.

This results not only in the unreliability of drugs and vaccines (nowadays very common), but also makes them unaffordable, and brings problems of monitoring and data integrity that cause significant delays, costs and safety risks, as seen recently with the Covid-19 vaccines.

For this reason, I want to show you a…

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